Tuesday, December 28, 2010

This could save your life while looking cool!

Okay so we all know how ugly the reflective orange vest is but now someone has come up with a cool alternative to being seen!
If you ride you need to check out Vizzibl clothing.  http://www.vizzibl.com/products-page/ 
Billy is producing some really cool reflective clothing. This is not your run of the mill stuff here.
They have some killer looking shirts, thermals and hoodies for men,women and kids. Finally we can be seen by the cagers while at the same time looking cool.

Monday, December 6, 2010

That Motorcycle Show!

Welcome to That Motorcycle Show!
We will be posting clips from the pilot episode here so stay tuned!
Join us as we will visit real wrenches and garage heroes just like you.
People who customize their own bikes and do it on a real budget.
Come ride with host Dylan Hoey as he guides us through, step-by-step; exact and detailed views of the parts, how they are made, tools used, the cost and final product.
Pick up a little history along the ride as we learn about the roots of what we are customizing that episode. Go beyond the usual chopper shows as we explore all things two wheels. 

Each episode we will visit a new Garage Hero and see exactly what they do to make their bike perform better, run smoother or just plain look cool.
With one garage visit and one mod per episode, we give the viewer a detailed view as if they were handing us the next bolt themselves.
So grab a wrench and a hand full of throttle as we visit Garage Heroes just like you.  This is That Motorcycle Show!