Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cleveland Cycle Works!

So it's late and I couldn't think of something funny or witty to write hear so I opted to just put up the link and let you decide for yourselves. I think what these guys are producing is a great idea, a cool product and perfect timing. Go check it out for yourself!   http://www.clevelandcyclewerks.com/


  1. i dislike typos. this is better.

    i've thought about profiling these guys on my site because their bikes look great and are priced really competitively, but that is because their motors come from china so i've held off. i'll profile stuff from india, indonesia, thailand, taiwan and more, but liberty-trampling, censorship-heavy communist china is a bummer for me.

    still, i wish them well. it is a global economy and if their bikes hold up under proper riding conditions, more power to 'em.

  2. I purchased 'Tha Heist' from CCW last fall and was pleasantly surprised of the quality -nice custom look and easy on wallet too.